About Supercharged Moon Juice

Plant and tree growth cycles are regulated by environmental signals. The Furst liquid technologies that Supercharged Moon Juice uses include a proprietary blend of organic enzymes and amino acids to stimulate these signals within the plant. From the roots up, Supercharged Moon Juice provides benefits at all levels. By triggering new root hair growth, fertilizer and moisture intake is greatly enhanced. Stonger cell development throughout the trunks, branches and stems allows water and nutrients to pass more efficiently to the leaves. Within the foliage, these stronger cells help maximize photosynthesis and optimize the evapotranspiration rate.

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Use Supercharged Moon Juice for stressed or yellowing trees and plants in your yard. Supercharged Moon Juice is great to apply when planting new trees or plants, or when trying to maintain optimum plant health!

Why Supercharged Moon Juice?

Supercharged Moon Juice also contains the three most important micro-nutrients required by nearly every tree and plant. We've added Iron, Manganese, and Zinc because they are typically deficient in most warm weather soils. In addition, thiamin mononitrate (Vitamin B-1) is included for its beneficial effects on new plantings.

Supercharged Moon Juice enhances the ability of plants to ward off diseases, possible infestations and infections from outside sources. It helps trees and plants prevent and recover from stresses caused by extreme heat, frost, freeze, transplanting or other stressful events. Maximize your tree and plant performance with Supercharged Moon Juice!

Supercharged Moon Juice is easy to use! Supercharged Moon Juice is concentrated so all you have to do is mix with water and apply to the root area, or it can be used for foliar application. Always water trees and plants thoroughly after applying any fertilizers or nutrients.

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